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About Us

Al Thawabet is a community-run body working to expose the zionist enemy’s lies, propaganda, and heinous crimes against indigenous Palestinians.

What Does “Al Thawabet” Mean?

Derived from the Arabic word ‘ثابِت’ Al Thawabet (‫ثَوابِت‬) means both ‘constant’ and ‘principles’. It signifies our firm and steady commitment to the honourable principles upon which the Palestinian Liberation Movement has long stood strong on. Where liberal western personalities attempt to hog the narrative and zionist propaganda machines work overtime to infiltrate the Liberation Movement with traitors and normalizers, we stand to refuse and reject all forms of treachery and uphold the principles upon which our Palestinian heroes (both of the past and present) have sacrificed their lives for.

What Are the Thawabet?

The principles we stand strong on are clear, concise and simple.

  1. No to normalization.
  2. Yes to armed resistance.
  3. Refuse liberal western narratives and whatsoever it attempts to bring to the table.
  4. Uplift Palestinian voices.
  5. Support and echo Palestinian demands.

What is Our Mission?

To fulfil the vision of every Palestinian martyr, pick up where they left off and continue the plight towards a free Palestine. Liberation will be achieved only when the land is cleansed of every single settler alongside the traitors and the spies. We operate to undo the workings of the settler colony that’s built on lies and bolstered by pretentious sentiments of bravery and legitimacy.